Clippedwing Grasshopper (Metaleptea brevicornis)

Clippedwing Grasshopper
Photography by Thomas Philip

Did u know?
Grasshoppers have 5 Eyes but No Ears
Grasshoppers possess two large eyes (each with thousands of single lenses) on either side of the head, thereby enabling them to see in all directions. Of the remaining three small eyes, two are found at the base of each antennae and the fifth eye is found between the two antennae. However, the function of these smaller eyes is still unknown. Grasshoppers do not possess ears for hearing; instead they use organs called 'tympana' to carry out the hearing function. These tympana are circular membranes located in the first abdominal segment of the body, where the hind legs are attached. 

Grasshoppers Sing Songs
One attractive feature of grasshoppers is their ability to sing. Different subfamilies of grasshoppers produce the songs differently. Some types are found to clatter their wings together in flight, to produce a song, while some rub their wings together to make sound while others rub the pegs on their hind legs to make sounds. Then there are those types that do not make any sound at all. Male grasshoppers are the ones that sing and they do it in order to attract the females or to warn off the other males.


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