Photography by Thomas Philip
Did u know?
Spiders are invertebrates,which means that they don't have backbones.spiders help plants reproduce my pollinating them.Spiders are a  vital source of food for birds,small mammals and fish.without spiders and other insects there wont be food for the ones dependent on them,as a result it will effect the food chain badly .Spiders are not counted in insects as insects body is divided into three and has six legs.Whereas spiders have eight legs and their body is divided into two(the abdomen and the thorax).the silk spinning glads that spiders have are called as spinsters,which is located at the tip of their abdomen.not all spiders spin web.its found that there are more than 30,000 species of spiders.Spiders are oviparous,which means they give eggs.another interesting fact is most spiders have either six or eight eyes.most spiders inject venom with the help of fangs.Spider bites can be very painfull and also may prove to be fatal


Billy said...

Hi!Good post and photo...Now you can find me and leave a message on Twitter. My user name is Billysbestfood. See you there!!!

Anish Sangamam said...

Thank you billy! your comments are valuable for us.we will surely catch u up in twitter

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