Big Butterfly (Attacus atlas)


Attacus atlas this moth is  found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia. Their bodies are hairy and disproportionately small compared to their wings. Male Atlas moths are distinguished from females by their smaller size, more tapered wings, and larger, bushier antennae.Neither sex possess fully formed mouthparts and therefore do not feed; throughout their 1–2-week adult life they survive entirely on larval fat reserves that they build up while they are caterpillars. Isn't it amazing?
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windflow said...

thank you for place myblog on your blog. and i have link your blog at mypage. thanks

Anish Sangamam said...

@windflow your welcome

Joe said...

this is a beautiful picture

Anish Sangamam said...

Thanks joe,your are welcome

Frange said...

O: i love this pic, it's so beautiful

good job! Greetings :D

Anish Sangamam said...

Thanks a lot frange.

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