Houseboat kerala
Photography by shaji philip
This beautiful picture was shot when we had visited kerala.The boat that is seen in this picture is called as a Houseboat.The Houseboats are fully furnished with an open lounge,  bath attached bedrooms and a Small kitchen (kitchenette).They are extremely eco friendly.It takes pain and  great skill  to construct these giant houseboats.they are built by tying huge planks of  wood together.Infact not a single nail is used in the making of a houseboat.There used to be an entire clan of artisans who were involved in house boat construction.usually houseboats in kerala(INDIA) have a three men crew consisting of a cook,guide and oarsmen.In ancient times these large boats were used to transport rice,coconuts and other commodities to the kochi port .Nowadays a Houseboats can be an innovative Holiday idea. 


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