honey bee on a flower

Photography by Thomas philip

Honey bees'wings beat so fast that it goes upto 11,400 times/minute and its flight speed averages to only 15miles/hour.Bees have five eyes.They can easily perceive movements that are separated by 1/300th of a sec. Whereas humans can only sense movements that are separated by 1/50 of a sec.If a Bee were to enter a cinema hall then it would easily sense each individual movie frame being projected.another fact about bees is that they cannot recognise red color.Stringer bees have barbs which anchors the stringer in the victims body.
bees communicate with one another by dancing mostly to give directions of the flowers.a bee hive can contain upto 40000-45000 bees.The queen bee is the only sexually developed female in the beehive.and she only mates once in her lifetime and can lay about 3000 eggs a day.The life expectency of a Queen bee is upto 2years


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