The Curious case of Cute kitten

cute kitten

Just like the Curious case of  "Benjamin Button" Picxy Professional Photography presents "The Curious case of the Cute Kitten" LoL  a unique way to capture the kitten rather than the usual way.The interesting part is the kitten starring at the camera.the background is too good.Cheers to the Photog.well done siddharth.If you liked this pic then  you may also like Coconut Tree


Roger steward said...

cute kitty and amazing technique

Isha Shiri said...

Hello! I like it.


Anish Sangamam said...

Hi Isha thanks for visitng and commenting.its appreciated

I will keep you updated with more pics.please help so that our blog will win the contest of
"best photography blog"
here is the link for it

Nice Veloso said...

Ah! I love it. Beautiful cat.

Anish Sangamam said...

I'm happy you loved it :) keep visiting and sharing your views with us

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