Beautiful Flower


 Trying to figure out which flower is this.people who know please comment.I love the beauty and peaceful background.


Dina said...

Wow, that is so beautiful. I'm still figuring out what flower is that. Nonetheless it is so beautiful and lovely.

jimmy said...

The depth of the field is adjusted well.its amazing.keep up the good work- Thomas

Fika said...

Wow... Awesome...
Simple but really beautiful. Nice shot!!

Anish Sangamam said...

Hi Fika thanks a lot.
keep visiting and do comment.:)
please vote for me at blogger choice awards 2010

dahstar said...

nice and beautiful flower but i don't know name of it:)

Anish Sangamam said...

@Dahstar Thanx a lot.
do visit again and comment :)
and thanx for you vote at

dee said...

focus.. Nice shot!

Anish Sangamam said...

@dee thanx keep visitin.will keep u updated

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