What is this?

This Photo is taken by Thomas philipAnd You may also like Sunset


Anish Sangamam said...

If any of you guys know what is this.please comment?

Anonymous said...

i dont know its scientific name but its found on the moss like substance that gathers around moist walls or tree barks,, its a cute timepass for youngsters to play ,,,if u hold two of them in the opposite direction and pull them it acts as a hook and only one of them breaks the player that holds the intact one wins

Anish Sangamam said...

@Anonymous thanks for the comment :)

birdy said...

A nice blog is running here. Added your blog to my favorite blog list. Just want to ask one question: Are you publishing these images with photographer consent?

Anish Sangamam said...

Thanks birdy

Yes Thomas is my friend(even other photog).permission was already given when i started picxy

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed pretty much everything about your page. Awesome Pics.

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Anish Sangamam said...

Thanks for liking our blog

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